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Amazon Clone Script

Amazon Clone

“Amazon clone is a ready-to-go eCommerce solution designed to let entrepreneurs build their multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace in no time.”


What ?

What is Amazon Clone?

An Amazon clone is a readymade eCommerce software solution that enables you to quickly launch your online shopping platform like Amazon without having to start from scratch. Our eCommerce script is packed with cutting-edge features and it is capable of 100% customization and scalability to fit your business-specific requirements.

The Best Amazon clone script lets businesses unlock a world of advanced features like unlimited product listings, multi-vendor capabilities, secure payment gateways, and intuitive user interfaces. This ready-made solution allows entrepreneurs to build an online marketplace, attracting both buyers and sellers.

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Do you know the uniqueness of our Amazon Clone ?

Our Amazon clones developers successfully delivered 100+ projects around the world at an affordable cost. We are happy to say our client’s business has grown to a billion dollars in revenue.

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Amazon Clone Software Multiple Features

Single Product Multi Vendor

Now admin can assign a product to multiple vendors for selling to drive more sales and increase customer choice.

Flexible Commission

Admin can set their own vendor commission rules and modes directly from the front end. Choose how to pay for the vendors such as percentage, fixed amount, vendor sales, product price and purchase quantity. Also, the admin can set a commission for each vendor. It’s all up to them.

Seamless Withdraw

With the intuitive withdrawal feature admin can set up withdrawal rules, payout vendors with ease and reverse commissions which will the vendor pay a commission to the admin if needed

multi payment options

The Admin can choose from hundreds of payment gateways and make the checkout process a breeze for your customers. Plus, the admin can set various payment options for commission withdrawal and even set up transaction fees.

Easy Refund

Since our best Amazon clone uses the WCFM Marketplace plugin, the admin can efficiently configure the refund preferences for their store, and let the customers initiate refund requests. The Refund module facilitates auto approval of refunds and allows the admin to specify the maximum permissible days for a refund.

Shipping Management

Pick the right shipping options for you and your vendor’s stores based on location, weight and distance from your front end, which makes the process easy.


Admin has complete control over the customer reviews, so they can approve/disapprove/delete them and also manage vendor’s activities on their store reviews. Set review categories for vendor store, and it has the option to sync product review and store review.

Inquiry Management

Customers can send inquiries to the vendor, and the admin can also generate a custom form for inquiries.

chat module

The Chat system acts as a bridge to build communication between the customer and the vendors.

support ticket

With this module, the buyer can post multiple queries at a time. They will be provided with a ticket, and notified once a reply is posted.

add to wishlist

Customer can add their desired product to the wishlist and buy it later with a single click from your Wishlist.

quick view

Get seamless shopping with the Quick View feature, which enables the customer to preview product details and make quick decisions without leaving the page.

compare products

Comparing the products will allow you to make informed decisions by spotlighting product specifications and differences. It also helps to find the perfect product for their needs. 

create unique store style

Now, both the vendor and admin can simply customize how their store looks which lets them make their store unique.

Store Hours

Vendors can fix their store’s opening and closing hours. They can also set week-off days, set a day off, which day the store will be open, and which time the store will be open,  with this feature.

order listing

Vendor can manage their order listing easily with features like filtering by different ranges or stores, searching orders by date range, and vendor store and exporting order lists via CSV, PDF, and many more.


WCFM Marketplace allows numerous customization and management revolving around your store products like importing and exporting, bulk actions, search, filters, etc.


This feature enables vendors by allowing them to create distinct shipping rules for each product, increasing flexibility and control over the delivery process within their online store.

store invoice

Vendors can process invoices for individual stores for the customers, and can also generate invoice slips based on the requirement. 

store setup

This feature lets the vendor set up their store seamlessly.


Standard Features


Amazon Clone Script is executed entirely on the user-friendly WordPress CMS and PHP framework which allows you to manage the entire website with ease through its intuitive admin panel.

Multi vendor support

Amazon Clone is a Multi-vendor Supported script that allows multiple sellers to manage their stores under a single platform, selling a range of products to the customers.

Multi Currency

Our Amazon Clone Solution, Multi-Currency feature breaks down barriers, letting buyers shop their way, in their currency, which also builds trust & loyalty across borders.

Multi Language

Reach global effortlessly! Our Amazon Clone software Multi-Language feature cracks the language barriers, unlocking doors to a world of new customers around the world.

Social via Login

To simplify the registration process, our eCommerce script has the Social via Login, allowing users to log in with their social media accounts like Facebook, Google, etc.

Responsive Design

Users can experience seamless browsing on any device or screen size with an Amazon clone WordPress theme cutting edge responsive and user-friendly design.

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    Our Amazon Clone app offers complete control and seamless access at your fingertips. Keep your eCommerce business on track with the best eCommerce solution in the competitive market.

    Best Amazon Clone App is built with cutting-edge technologies that make the app highly secure and scalable, delivering entrepreneurs the confidence to concentrate on what matters – growing your eCommerce business.


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    • Unlimited Domain license
    • One-Time Payment
    • 100% Source Code
    • 1 Year Support
    • Unlimited Updates
    • Free Installation
    • Android Webview App
    • iOS Webview App
    • Mobile App Submission
    • Access All Features


    • 1 Domain license
    • One-Time Payment
    • 100% Source Code
    • 1 Year Support
    • Unlimited Updates
    • Free Installation
    • Android Webview App
    • IOS Webview App
    • Mobile App Submission
    • Access All Features

    Require more customization?

    Require more customization ?

    Let's Craft a Solution Tailored to
    Your Exact Specifications.

    Why ?

    Why Choose Us?

    Free Server Installation

    Sangvish offers a one-time free installation service for your purchased Amazon clone, and it requires your Cpanel or FTP Credentials. 

    Support post-app rejection

    If your app gets rejected, no problem! We’ll help you through resubmissions to get your Amazon clone app published.

    100% Source code

    You will get the complete source code of our Amazon Clone script to customize the site based on your business requirements.

    Free App Submission

    Experience a seamless app launch & market exposure. We submit your app to Google Play & Apple Store at Zero Cost.

    White Labelling

    After purchase, forge your unique marketplace brand by white-labeling our script, tailoring it to your vision for a distinct online presence.

    Complete Support

    Sangvish Team is here to provide support for all your queries, you can reach us via WhatsApp, email and Skype.




    Cutting Edge Technologies Used to Develop Buy2Market

    Amazon Clone Technologies Used


    Frequently Asked Questions


    Have questions about launching your online marketplace? No worries, In This FAQ section we tried to answer most of the common questions about our eCommerce script. Let’s dive into the Amazon Clone FAQ section to learn more about features, installation and support. Sangvish team is here to help you in creating your own online marketplace.

    If you can’t get answers for what you need, you can reach our support team.

    Amazon Clone is the ready-made eCommerce solution that empowers entrepreneurs to build their online store enriched with cutting-edge features. It is the less expensive solution to launch your eCommerce website instantly.

    Create your Online Shopping website effortlessly with Our Amazon Clone Script. Get advantages from Amazon’s identifiable layout, advanced features and instant brand recognition, all in one customizable package. Eliminate years of the development process, offer a seamless shopping experience, and customize the site to your unique niche and business needs.

    When you choose Sangvish’s Amazon Clone Script to Build your online store, you don’t need to break the balance. Our Script is affordable for entrepreneurs to bring their dreams to life. To know more please check our price plan. Build amazon clone with us to start your business journey.

    Our Best Amazon Clone Script doesn’t have any encrypted files which gives you the freedom to tailor it perfectly to suit your business requirements.

    Based on your chosen package, we’ll provide you with free first-time installation on your Linux server or hosting! However, additional installations require a separate fee. Keep in mind, that this offer doesn’t cover the ongoing support, setup, or installation on your local machine or host.

    Yes, you will get complete ownership of the Amazon clone app once you purchase.

    At Sangvish, our team of developers is exceptionally skilled and dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions. We don’t just clone Amazon as a platform, we innovate and work to create a unique user experience.

    We provide basic installation for free, but if you need additional installation support comes with a fee. Prefer to do it yourself, our detailed documentation will guide you through the steps. Or if you would need us to handle the installation, kindly contact our support team for details and to provide your cPanel or FTP credentials.

    • Operating System Linux
    • Apache Web Server
    • MySQL for Database
    • PHP version 5.6 & Above
    • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

    We’re available to help you with theme setup and installation, as well as to resolve any bugs related to the theme. In the event of critical bugs, we’ll give you a dedicated timeline for resolution. Fixes for non-critical issues will be included in upcoming updates.

    Note: Our support does not cover customization of our product or the addition of new features, as these may involve additional costs.

    No, Sangvish Amazon clone script is not meant for resale or distribution. Doing so could lead to lead to legal trouble due to copyright infringement.

    We provide users with seamless transactions, we accept various payment methods like PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, and NetBanking. If PayPal is not supported in your region, you can use Razorpay with your Credit/Debit Card. If you can’t make payments with both PayPal and Razorpay, you can still have the option like Western Union Money or MoneyGram.

    If still have any queries regarding payment details, please reach our support team, we are here to help you.

    Yes, our Amazon clone is 100% customizable to meet your requirements.


    Amazon Clone Version History & Change Logs


    Explore the milestones of our Amazon clone script from its version history. We’ve been working hard to create stable upgrades, adding new features, and enhancing performance with each update.


    Our dedication to remaining up-to-date with the latest technology trends confirms that our eCommerce script stays a reliable and user-friendly solution for your eCommerce business needs. Check out the version history to see how we’ve grown and improved the Amazon Clone Site to meet the evolving eCommerce market.

    • Latest design updated
    • Page speed improved
    • Now change skin color from admin panel
    • Code Optimized
    • Deprecated plugins removed
    • Product gallery updated
    • Responsive Menu updated
    • Mega Menu updated
    • CSS code optimized
    • Site origin carousel bug fixed
    • Store search issue fixed
    • Theme speed updated
    • Payout information added
    • Woocommerce template updated
    • Minor design issue fixed
    • Logo cache issue fixed
    • Theme updated for latest WordPress
    • Deprecated plugins removed
    • Responsive menu updated
    • Home page design updated
    • Mega menu feature added
    • Plugin installation path issue fixed
    • Footer link responsive bug fixed
    • Responsive fixed
    • Optimized theme for WordPress 5.1
    • Single product page bug fixed
    • Add product page design issue fixed
    • Fontawesome version updated
    • Speed improved
    • Few features improved.
    • Blank screen bug fixed
    • Home page & inner page design improved
    • Add product page improved
    • Theme options bug fixed
    • Responsive fixed for above 15 inch monitors
    • Header design updated
    • Demo content updated
    • Home page updated
    • All vendors page design updated
    • RTL design improved
    • Display logo instead of text logo in mobile view
    • Single product page unwanted space removed
    • Woocommerce template updated
    • Refund & support page added
    • All vendor page design updated
    • Search vendor page added
    • Google translate added
    • Demo content updated
    • Woocommerce template updated
    • URL mismatch fixed
    • Few small bugs fixed
    • Responsive improved for apple devices
    • Home page improved
    • Single product page improved
    • 404 error due to username bug fixed
    • Bank withdrawal method added
    • Woo-commerce template updated
    • Safari responsive issue fixed
    • RTL support added
    • Translation bug fixed
    • Shipping payment bug fixed
    • Shipping method bug fixed
    • Translation missing fixed
    • Improved theme features
    • WooCommerce Template Update
    • Woocommerce 3.0 compatible
    • Responsive layout improved
    • Grid & List view feature added
    • Product Comparison
    • Social Share
    • Major & Minor issues fixed
    • Home page Featured author selection
    • Child theme added
    • Template updated
    • Translation added for few more strings
    • Shipping & tracking feature improved
    • Few small bugs fixed
    • Buddypress menu bug fixed
    • Products search improved
    • Affiliate feature added
    • Wishlist feature added
    • Language translation bug fixed
    • Shipping & Tracking feature added
    • All vendors page added
    • Product zoom in feature added
    • Package updated
    • Improved some features
    • Woocommerce shipping zones added
    • Few bugs fixed
    • Initial Release
    • Woocommerce Support added
    • custom css added
    • Facebook login bug fixed
    • Custom email template feature added
    • responsive design issue fixed
    • Improved some features
    • Added Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • etc login
    • Product filter bug fixed
    • Responsive Improved
    • Page Builder Updated


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