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Best Airbnb Clone : Instantly Begin Your Rental Business

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Our Best Airbnb Clone Script is a ready-made rental system, Vacation Rental Script, Airbnb Lodging Script, and Apartment Rental, designed and planned only for business people. It stepping in their career pathway. It aims to make an online portal for Rental businesses. But It is a straightforward e-portal script that completely automates your rental business and brings your host and visitor together, in a simpler way. Our Best Airbnb clone is 100% completely customized with full source code and it offers clients the flexibility to modify the content based on customer’s needs and requirements.

This rental script is only used for the reason of business. Our Airbnb clone is an online platform particularly for hosts to view their list of places(rental, vacation, plots, land areas, etc.,). When the host registers, they view their postings on the site.

The visitors and users are additionally required to register themselves to use the services provided by the rental site. The host will receive money (rental business) after a specific level of commission is deducted. And, the Admin is responsible for the overall features, the functionality of the Website.

What Is Airbnb:

The craze for sharing the business model never ends. It motivated, inspires, and will inspire young minds to begin a business. In that line, a small seed grew out in 2007 by including high-end technology and business strategies. So they develop as a natural product-bearing plant. Airbnb, a vacation rental business connects flawlessly the host and visitor. Inbuilt features and a very organized system give the best services to the people. It has developed from helping 21,000 visitors a year find a place to stay to helping six million a year go on vacation. It presents records of stunning 800,000 properties in 34,000 cities across 90 different countries. In that visitors can easily procure the desired home for rentals, well host also equally gets benefits by selling their experience and renting a home.

Still, now, Airbnb motivates many by large statistics and there are live examples of developing with their inspiring business model.

Work process :

clients access a single profile to be a host (one who rents their unused property) and visitor (one who gets the property for rent).

The host lists their used space quickly with pictures, videos, and point-by-point descriptions about it. With varied decisions and filters, visitors book their desired property. The booking is possible instantly or can move to a reservation depending on what they pick, and further proceeds with secured transactions.

The visitor uses advanced filters and queries to discover property for rental. Because of the clear descriptions, ratings, and reviews visitors book the property with qualities. At that point, it moves to the payment page for consistent transactions.

Admin is the person who monitors the entire scene and acquires fees for renting service, booking of space listing, cancellation of the property booked, etc.

Revenue Model  :

The revenue model of the Airbnb clone consists of an expense that is charged by the hosts and the visitor. The property rental script offers an incredible platform for hosts and visitors to list and book unused space for rental, in that way it connects both. Airbnb revenue comes from two major sources:

Commission Fee From Hosts:

Every time, when the visitor picks up and books the host’s property for rental and finishes the process by making payment. Airbnb clone procures its share as a commission amount. For example: If the visitor finds the desired rental property and pays for it by booking, the product accepts 20% of the amount as payment.

Service Fee From Guest:

Airbnb includes its revenue amount with a service fee charged to make a stay in the rented area. For example, A visitor books a property and makes a stay in the rented area. This service is charged by the product for 3% as a service fee.

Also, downloading the application, using of application/software will be another property in admin gaining.

Wishing to earn by starting a business like Airbnb clone?

All you need is software or a local app to promote yourself in this digital world. For instant movement beginning of the business, you approach the best sellers of Airbnb clones in the marketplace. You get the required mediums (web apps, native mobile apps in Android and iOS) to launch a business immediately without wasting time, money, and energy.

Best Airbnb Clone:

Airbnb is a behemoth of online property rental. In the real world, one who wishes to start a business on any rentals takes a touch of reference from Airbnb. inferable from, Airbnb clone is accessible in the market to furnish your rental business. This clone product includes features and functionalities of Airbnb and resembles it. If you wish to launch a rental business quickly approach the best vendor for the best Airbnb clone script.


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