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Best Amazon Clone Software to build B2C eCommerce marketplace

ECommerce is an extensive concept that refers the online shopping experiences. For the eCommerce platform, Amazon is the best example. Today, most entrepreneurs have been significantly influenced by the growth of eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. And the successful implementation of Amazon Clone software created an entirely new opportunity for the business owners to build their own multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace website like Amazon.

Amazon clone software refers to software that allows users to create an e-commerce platform similar to Amazon. These solutions typically include features such as a marketplace platform, user registration, product listing, shopping cart, and payment gateway integration. The idea is to help users create an online marketplace that has similar functionality and features to Amazon, without having to start from scratch.

Launching a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace allows customers to buy goods online. Also, many vendors can sign up and offer their products to customers through an online marketplace website and app. Sangvish’s Amazon Clone is an exemplary multi-vendor eCommerce script. Also, it immensely aids startups and entrepreneurs in setting up their eCommerce websites.

Benefits and Features of Amazon Clone Software

Benefits and Features of Amazon Clone Software

Buy2amazon is built on the WordPress CMS PHP framework. It has all of the enhanced features and benefits to make your website unique.

Benefits of using Amazon clone

Completely Customizable – One of the advantages of an Amazon clone script is it allows the business owner to personalize their website to their business needs.

Business All Time – Also, with an Amazon clone software, you may keep instant order and payment processing, and make sales at any time. And customers can buy whenever it is convenient for them.

Increased consumer base – Customers all over the world can buy the products from the website.

Mobile App for Android & iOS
– Sangvish provides top eCommerce mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

Responsive Design – We deliver an appealing and responsive design that improves the user experience. And also, it can be accessed by any type of device and screen size.

Features of Amazon Clone Software

Powerful Admin dashboard

The website owner the admin of the eCommerce marketplace can manage and monitor the entire website. and also the user activities from the powerful admin.

Admin commission

The admin can earn from the admin commission, for each sale made on the website the admin will get a certain commission.

Generate Reports

The administrator can develop the report of the user, vendor, items, and revenue.

SEO Friendly Design

Additionally, you can update the website’s meta description, alt tags, title, and keywords with this feature.

Multiple Signup/Login Options

The Amazon clone website includes the social media login and signup options. It lets the users complete the registration process quickly.

Product Quick View

With the Quick View feature, the user can instantly explore the product.

Add To Wishlist

Users can add their most preferred goods to the wishlist category, then add them to the shopping cart or save them for later.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The Amazon clone software has multi-payment gateway integration, so that the users can make the payment using their preferred payment options like Stripe, PayPal, etc. Also, additional payment gateways can be added according to the business requirements.

Rate and Review

Also, the Buyers can rate and review the products and the vendor using this rating feature.


A multi-vendor eCommerce website created with multi-language support will help to grab the global audience.

In conclusion, if you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a multi-vendor eCommerce platform similar to Amazon, now is the moment to enter the competitive eCommerce market with our profitable Amazon clone software, Buy2Amazon. Sangvish is one of the best multi-vendor e-commerce script suppliers because it offers remarkable eCommerce solutions with exceptional features.


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