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Best Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform to Build eCommerce Website

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A multi-vendor marketplace is a substantial eCommerce site that allows several vendors to sell their products to customers. It is several sellers who have a unique platform to sell their products. A multi-vendor marketplace platform enables customers to purchase a greater range of products in one online store visit.

When starting the multi-vendor marketplace, the website owner or the admin has the opportunity to earn profit from the seller commission. There are many possible ways to begin a multi-vendor marketplace. You have the option to build a marketplace from the ground up or purchase multi-vendor marketplace software. Again, there is various multi-vendor marketplace software available that you can use to create your eCommerce website.

If you are looking for an eCommerce solution that quickly builds your marketplace website and doesn’t need any development process, you can use the readymade marketplace script. For this, Sangvish launched a multi vendor marketplace platform, Marty. This marketplace script lets the entrepreneurs launch their multi-vendor eCommerce website with advanced features. The Website can be customized according to the business needs.

features of mulit vendor marketplace platform

Features of Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform

Various Product Collections

The seller can create their store and add enormous products under various categories to sell on the website. Also, the customers can get a wide range of products from multiple sellers.

Product Discounts

Vendors can offer a discount on their products. It helps them to attract and get buyers to their products.

Simple and Variable Products

The seller can list both the simple and variable products. A variable product is a sort of product that focuses on selling a single product with multiple variations. Furthermore, every variation has its pricing, inventory, and image, as well as alternative management options.

Multiple Payment Options

The customers can pay by their preferred payment option like debit or credit card, bank transfer, or even cash on delivery. Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, and other payment gateways are available. Also, you can integrate any other payment gateways.

Order Tracking

The multi vendor marketplace platform, Marty has a built-in order tracking page, where the users can track their order status by entering their email used when placing the order and the order id.

Search and Filter

Marty provides advanced tools for customers to search, sort, and filter content. Customers can search by brands, price, size, and color. This feature lets the users easily browse the exact products they are looking for.

Single Page Checkout

Drive sales by implementing a single-page checkout experience that allows users to buy things from numerous sellers in one transaction. Also, the user has the option of allowing guests to check out.

Product Comparison and Wish List

With this script, the admin can enable the customers to save products as favorites for later use, which will keep them engaged in your eCommerce website and encourage them to come back. Also, when they login to their user portal, they can view their wish list. They can also compare multiple products which lets them choose the best product.

Responsive Website Design

Marty, multi-vendor marketplace script provides a seamless User Experience (UX) throughout all devices and screen sizes. This will boost conversions while lowering bounce rates.

An Effective User Role Permission System

Transferring responsibilities to your employees makes running a large-scale marketplace much easier. The admin provides the user role and the specific permissions to that particular role.

These are some key features of multi vendor marketplace scripts offered by Sangvish. With this script, the business can quickly launch its eCommerce website. And start earning by allowing multiple vendors to sell their products on the website.


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