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Car Rental Script

Car Rental Script

Car Rental Script is a ready to use solution for entrepreneurs to build their own Car rental platform enriched with cutting-edge features.


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What is Car Rental Script?

Car Rental Script is the ultimate solution designed to streamline car rental services online with its advanced features and functionalities. It includes all the essential features which include car booking and reservation systems, customer management, payment methods, etc.

Car Booking Scripts are primarily helpful for car rental business owners who looking to automate their rental operations online, enhance user experience, and manage their fleet more efficiently.

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Our goal is to provide high-quality and standard products that can be accessible from any device and all kinds of users.

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Car Rental Script Features

Vehicle Management

Manage a fleet of vehicles effectively by adding, updating, and deleting vehicles from the system. Include details such as make, model, year, fuel type, and availability status to offer users with accurate information.

Location Based Services

Use GPS and location-based technologies to help users discover the nearest rental places. This feature enhances comfort and assists customers to plan their trips more effectively.

Real-time notifications

Use real-time alerts to keep consumers and administrators updated. Notify for booking confirmations, payment receipts, and important updates guarantees an effortless communication flow.

Review and Rating System

Encourage customer feedback by implementing a strong review and rating system. Honest reviews assist in building trust and improve services, while positive ratings may attract new customers.

Online Booking System

Allow users to easily browse available vehicles, check prices, and make reservations online. Our script supports real-time availability updates, which helps to avoid double bookings.

Admin Dashboard

Provide administrators with a full dashboard for managing reservations, car statuses, and financial activities. Advanced analytics and reporting technologies help in decision-making.

Notifications and alerts

Keep customers informed with timely updates and alerts. These may contain reservation confirmations, pickup and drop-off reminders, and other pertinent information.

Customization Options

Sangvish helps to tailor the script to meet your unique company needs using customisable features. Add or delete capabilities as needed to ensure that the system is fully aligned with your business strategy.


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