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Build your Handy Clone App for your Service Marketplace Business

The on-demand service business approach is simple. In the service industry, the goods or services must be available to the customer when they require them. The on-demand app includes the online request for the good or service. When a customer needs to supply the service, this acts as a channel to contact the service providers. This on-demand technology will save both service providers and users time and energy throughout the process. And Handy is one of the most well-liked home-service apps. With the aid of the top Handy clone scripts, business owners can create their own Handy clone app and website.

Sangvish Buy2Handy is the greatest option if you want to launch an on-demand service marketplace platform using the ideal clone script solution. It provides a fully customizable Handy clone solution with significant design, and features.

How Handy Clone App Works

How Handy Clone App Works

The needs of the customers and the services offered by numerous service providers are connected through our handy clone website and app. Additionally, users can get a variety of in-home services like cleaning, laundry, plumbing, electrical work, tailoring, vehicle cleaning, etc.

Let’s have a peek at how our handy clone software works.

  • At first, both service providers and customers must register for the app using their social media accounts.
  • After login, the service providers can start listing their services under a number of categories.
  • Then the users can immediately search for professionals or post a job that they need to be done.
  • Users can book the professional based on the ratings and reviews after performing a quick search for the service provider.
  • The customer will submit a booking request to the service provider after selecting the expert.
  • The customer’s request for a service booking will quickly send to the service provider. The service provider can accept or reject.
  • After receiving approval, the service provider will deliver the services at the client’s location. Finally, customers can rate and review the profile of the service provider.
  • Each time a customer places an order, the administrator receives a commission.

Buy2Handy from Sangvish is a great service marketplace script to build an app and website like Handy. With it, you can quickly and easily build websites for your service marketplace business that look great and are completely responsive. It’s the perfect way to get your service marketplace business off the ground!


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