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How to Create a Handy Clone App for Your Service Marketplace Business

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Handy Clone App is a mobile application that creates a platform that enables users to easily find and hire local service professionals for various tasks and services.

Service marketplaces, which seamlessly link users and service providers, have seen considerable popularity in the current digital era. There are many Handyman Apps available in the market. To take advantage of this trend, consider creating a handy clone app for your service marketplace business. This blog post will walk you through the steps of making a handy clone app with the intent of using the Sangvish Handy Clone Script.

Step 1: Understand Your Business Requirements

Before getting into app development, it’s essential to properly describe your business requirements. Decide the essential features, such as user registration, service provider profiles, service request management, payment integration, ratings and reviews, you want in your handy clone app.

Step 2: Do Your Research and Pick a Reliable Clone Script

To jump-start the development of your software, think about using a Handy clone script. Due to its robust features and proven track record, Sangvish Handy Clone Script is a highly recommended option. It provides a complete approach to building a Handy-like app for a service marketplace.

Step 3: Customize the Clone Script

The Sangvish Handy Clone Script offers an ideal framework for the application, but it needs to be customized to reflect the brand of your business and specific needs. Create a unique brand for the app by enhancing the script’s user interface, colour scheme, logo, and other design elements.

Step 4: Tailor Features to Your Business Model

The Handy Clone Script comes with ready-to-use features, but you could require to adjust them to fit your specific business model. To meet the demands of your marketplace, update the service categories and subcategories, pricing schemes, and notification settings.

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Step 5: Integrate secure payment gateways

A service marketplace app needs to be able to process secure payments. Include trusted and well-known payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree. Make sure that user payment information is protected and that transactions are encrypted.

Step 6: Implement User Registration and Profiles

Make it simple for users to register and enable the creation of profiles by both service providers and consumers. Add options for social media logins to streamline the onboarding process. Users should also be able to edit their profiles, update their data, and view transaction history.

Step 7: Implement a ratings and reviews system

Include a ratings and reviews system that encourages transparency and trust in your marketplace. Allowing customers to review and comment on service providers will help new clients base their decisions on past experiences.

Step 8: Carry out Thorough Testing

Before releasing your handy clone software, perform a careful evaluation to find and address any flaws or problems. To ensure a seamless and reliable user experience, test the app’s functionality, user interface, payment processing, and security measures.


In today’s digital economy, creating a handy clone app for your service marketplace business can be a game changer. You can create an efficient and scalable app by using the Sangvish Handy Clone Script, modifying it to fit the demands of your business, and adding necessary features. Remember to focus on user experience, security, and seamless communication when creating a better service marketplace platform for your customers and service providers.

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