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Published on: online auction marketplace script

Top Rated Online Auction Marketplace Script For Commencing Your Business

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An auction is a means of selling and purchasing goods by placing them up for bid and then selling them to the highest bidder. It’s the old way of doing business. The online Auction website serves as a platform for buyers and sellers to use the online bidding process. The best instance for an online auction marketplace is eBay. Now any business can build their online bidding website similar to eBay with the Online Auction Marketplace Script. This blog will let you get the leading eBay clone script to create the auction website and app seamlessly.

The eBay clone is a ready-made script, which lets you create an eCommerce website similar to eBay. Also, this eBay WordPress theme has many features to commence the online auction business successfully. The eBay Clone WordPress theme is the multi-vendor online auction marketplace script, so the website owner can earn by allowing one or more sellers to use the website for selling their products.

Key Features of Online Auction Marketplace Script

Online Bidding

The sellers can place the products for bidding and the buyers can bid for the products easily.

Social Login

This online auction marketplace script has a social login feature so that the users and the vendors can use their social media accounts to easily log in to the site.

Responsive Design

The eBay clone has a responsive design, which means it can work on any device.

Multiple Payment Gateways

This PHP Auction Script supports multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and etc. Also, you can add additional payment options based on your needs.

Front End Dashboard

Every website user would have access to a frontend dashboard. In the frontend dashboard, vendors can easily add their shops and products.

These are the key features of the auction website script. In addition, this online auction script has a mobile app for android and iOS. If you are looking for the best clone script to begin your business, then the sangvish eBay clone script is the right choice.


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