SangVish Technologies launched SangVish OS at May 2013. Its fully open source. SangVish Technologies OS having lot of facilities produce with GUI desktop. It’s support 64 bit. SangVish Operating System is associated with free software. Anyone can edit open source software. SangVish operating system can modify and change the program to suit their needs.
SangVish OS used to enables applications and the computer operator to access the hard disk files on the computer and perform desired functions of computer. We are try to give user friendly. many users got the user friendly feel while using sangvish OS. SangVish OS developed for who is like opensource software.

An open source program or OS normally has more features, and performs better than their closed source competitors, because there are many hundreds of people making the software better every day.

SangVish OS Features:

1) Support multiple Games.
2) imagine technology.
3) In-build Libra office.
4) Multimedia
5) Remote desktop
6) apache
7) In-build php5 and mysql
8) Firewall support
9) Graphical login
10) In-build browsers

default user:sangvish

SangVish OS available for VMWare, Live cd/dvd and USB boot file.

For download (CD/DVD) :

For download (VMWare Image) :

For download (USB stick / hard disk image) :