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Enter On To The On Demand Service Business With Best Taskrabbit Clone Software

An on-demand business intended to provide the goods and services at their doorstep. One of the best examples of the on-demand service marketplace is Taskrabbit. It offers various services to its customers to do their day-to-day activities with the help of service providers. Some of the services that can be offered by the on-demand service business are delivery, cleaning, plumbing, and other handyman works. If the entrepreneurs looking to start their own on-demand service marketplace then they can create their website like Taskrabbit with the help of Taskrabbit Clone Software.

The Taskrabbit Clone Script enables you to enter into the service-providing business by creating a marketplace. Sangvish offers the Taskrabbit Clone Software with enormous features and benefits. Also, The Taskrabbit Clone Open Source Script is completely customizable to fit the business needs. Here is how the service marketplace script works.

Working Process of Taskrabbit Clone Software

  • The process starts with both customer and the services provider registration.
  • Once the registration process is completed the professional can list their services.
  • And the user can post the job or search for the service.
  • After posting the job the service providers will bid for that job. In the end, the user will choose the lowest
    bidding professional to do the task.
  • When directly searching the service the user can select the best professional, once they choose the service request will send to them.
  • Once the request is accepted by the professional, the user will book them.
  • After the task is successfully done, the user will pay for the task and it will be sent to the admin.
  • The admin will pay the amount to the professional after deducting the commission amount.

The above is how the Taskrabbit clone software from Sangvish works. By launching the on-demand service marketplace website you can start earning. Since it comes with the Taskrabbit Clone App you can reach your business to a wide range of users.


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