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Published on: Handyman App Development

What Are the Top 5 Handyman Apps Like Uber On The Market?

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This blog highlights the best handyman apps like Uber, that can help to book your home services such as plumbing, cleaning, and many more.

Did you know that the ideology of the handyman app developed by the 3 youngsters solves day-to-day issues related to home essentials?

What is the Handyman app?

A handyman app is a mobile application that connects users with local handyman services. These apps typically allow users to search for and hire handymen for various tasks, including home repairs, cleaning, gardening, and more.

These apps aim to make it easy for users to find and hire reliable handymen for a range of tasks without having to go through the hassle of finding and vetting contractors independently.

The on-demand industry, such as the handyman business, will be booming in 2023. It is a perfect way to start the entrepreneurial journey.

If you are considering starting your own business in 2023, then a handyman business is the perfect choice.

How to Start the On-demand Handyman Service?

The primary requirements for starting a successful handyman 🛠️ business are a website, an app like Uber, and skilled and well-trained professionals.

In global numbers, professionals are ready to serve the customers but don’t know how to reach the potential customer. Building a handyman app like Uber, which connects customers and service providers on a single platform, can lead to significant business success.

This article will tell the top 5 handyman apps in 2023. If you are a user, then you can use it directly, or if you are an entrepreneur, it will help start your handyman business in your location.

Now we are entering into the interesting part. In the global more handyman apps are available, but we see the best handyman apps like Uber that you can book a service conveniently.

1. Taskrabbit

Taskrabbit is an American-based handyman company that allows customers to book home care services like cleaning, moving, furniture arrangements, and many more.

It can manage the Taskers and the Customers under one roof. Customers can browse and select the taskers to schedule the service, and after that, they will pay for the service.

It operates in several cities around the US, UK, and Canada.

2. Handy

Handy is located in New York, and it also offers cleaning services, tv mounting, wall hanging, and other handyman services like Uber. It has a tech-enabled solution for booking and paying for home services.

And also sell the home products like beds, chairs, wall decor, dining tables, and more.

It provides flexible job opportunities for independent workers. It operates in over 200 US, UK, and Canadian cities.

3. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is located in California and provides on-demand handyman services to customers. It has 1000+ home services to help the customer.

Allows customers to submit service requests and receive quotes from local professionals.

Thumbtack operates in the US and Canada. Thumbtack has raised over $400 million in funding and has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

Quite interesting right?

Start Your On-demand Handyman 🛠️ Business Now!

4. Urban Company

The urban company formerly known as UrbanClap Clone , located in India, is also one of the best home services provider offerings such as AC repair, electrical service, home salon, and more.

It operates in 18 cities in India and four internationally (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, and Singapore). It has had millions of customers since its launch. 

Urban Company has raised over $440 million in funding and is considered a major player in the home services industry in India.

5. Porch

A Porch is one of the leading companies for the handyman business, and it offers all kinds of home services like home renovation, painting, roofing, plumbing, and more.

It is located in Seattle. Homeowners can also use Porch to book and pay for services online.

It services big brands like Walmart, eBay, Bing, and more.

How Does a Handyman Apps Work?

Handyman app is an online platform that connects the customer and professionals under one roof for home services.

The basic workflow of the handyman app like Uber is listed below

Step 1:

  • The user registers the app and enters the necessary information.

Step 2:

  • Point out their exact location in the app.

Step 3:

  • Users can select the service that he/she needs and also select the time and time depending on their availability.

Step 4:

  • The app shows the exact amount before booking a service.

Step 5:

  • If they are satisfied with the amount, they proceed to get a service.

Step 6:

  • In the final step, the professional comes to your location and solves the problem.

You might be wondering about how to build the handyman app.

How to Develop a Handyman App like Uber?

When you decide to develop a handyman app, then first give the priorities to the below questions,

  • What are all the features you want?
  • What is the best technology to build an app?
  • What is the cost of development for a handyman app?

If you don’t have any idea, Don’t worry, everybody does not know everything. Here are the answers we provided for the above questions.

What are all the features you want?

There are 3 main persons involved in the Handyman app like Uber,

  1. Admin
  2. Service provider / Professional
  3. Customer 

Let’s discuss this in detail, 

1. The Admin

Admin can manage all activities in-home service app through the dashboard,

Some features of the admin panel,

👉 Booking Management – The admin can visit the customer and professional details and current & past bookings and find the service amounts.

👉 Manage Customer and Professional – The admin can add, remove or even ban customers or professionals.

👉 Site Management – The admin can change the website logo, content, URL, meta title, meta descriptions, etc.

👉 Cancellation details – The admin can view cancellation requests and the reasons for service cancellation.

👉 Manage Notification – The admin sends the push notification to customers/professionals regarding important events, Festive wishes, and more.

Admin has more superpowers, if you want to see all, check our Admin Demo.

2. Service Provider / Professional

Professionals need to be connected to a separate application to manage the process. This app can list the service they provide and accept customer bookings directly.

🛠 Add / Edit personal information – professionals must first register using their phone number for the app. After that, they can add or edit personal information.

🛠 Payout method – The service providers can get the amounts for their service using cards or other payment gateways.

🛠 Service requests – Professionals can accept or reject the request from the customer. If they reject the service, they want to type their reason for cancellation.

🛠 Earning report – They can see the earning report for weekly, monthly, or yearly comparisons.

3. Customer

Customer apps can help to request the service for professionals in a quick time.

▶ Signup – Customers can register the app using social media accounts.

▶ Multiple services – They can browse the entire website and find all the services provided by the professionals and book a needed service.

▶ Multi-language support – As the user app is supported in various languages, users can browse the website in their native language.

At the time, you have known the features of the handyman business, and now we are going to another question.

What is the best technology to build an app?

Choosing the right technology plays a major role in handyman app development. It helps keep your app fresh for more years.

PHP is the best for app development because it provides a seamless experience for the user. It can manage big tasks in a quick time.

Here are some features of PHP

  • Flexible and scalable
  • High performing and well supported
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain

Some big brands, like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, etc., use PHP.

What is the cost of development for a handyman app?

The app’s cost depends entirely on the required features and specifications.

If you develop manually, it takes 600 – 1200 hours, depending on the difficulty of the application. And the cost, approximately 30000$, is a huge amount to invest to start your business.

So we suggest readymade handyman scripts; they are very helpful and affordable for your needs. 

We have a script for the handyman app like Uber, which will cost 1000$. So you can save more money.

Why choose us?

Our product offers many benefits to all types of users (admin, professional, customer).

Cost-effective 💲

Choosing ready-made scripts customized for your business needs is more effective than developing the application from scratch. 

Quick launch 🚀

Our script can help to launch your handyman business globally in a quick time. It can be a 100% customizable and white-label product.

Tech support 👨‍💻

We provide end-to-end support to customers. Whenever you face a technical problem in the script, we are ready to solve your problem.


So you have a clear idea about the handyman business, so it is time to launch your business globally and earn more money.

Ready to work with us? Reach our team by Email / Whatsapp.

We wish you in advance to become a successful entrepreneur globally.

BYE!👋 See you in the next blog.

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