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Uber For Laundry

Uber For Laundry

“Uber for Laundry service app offers a solution to kick-start your own on demand clothes cleaning app and website to connect service providers and users.”


What ?

What is Uber for Laundry?

The Uber for Laundry service app is a software solution designed for connecting various laundry service professionals to customers who are looking for the service in an efficient manner, similar to how Uber connects the riders with the drivers. Using this Uber for Laundry service, users can request laundry pickup and delivery from their app or website.

The Uber for Laundry app will have features like real-time tracking, pricing and scheduling pickup time. This platform aims to streamline the laundry process, saving the users time and effort when ensuring their clothes are cleaned properly.

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What do we offer ?

Our main aim is to make sure everyone can easily use our products and services on both the web and mobile devices.

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Unique Features of our Uber like Online Laundry Service App

Find Nearby Laundryman

The Uber-like laundry service app connects users with nearby dry cleaners that accept the service. Users can compare approximate pricing depending on their needs and view the laundryman’s profile, which includes the number of orders done, reviews, etc.

Multiple Booking Options

Users can make bookings based on their requirements. It provides users with two alternatives for a laundry app solution: book now or book later. This allows customers freedom given that they schedule queries by specifying the day and time.

Real-Time Tracking

Once the request is submitted, the customer can simply track the service. Customers can use this tool to find out where their service providers are and when they will arrive. Similarly, service providers utilize this functionality to access their customers’ locations.

Active Orders

Service providers can get a list of all active orders and manage and prioritize them based on their availability. It chronologically shows all acceptable order lists. Admin can also access the active orders list on the control panel, including all the data.

Cancel Bookings

Customers can cancel their requests at any moment inside the application by giving a valid reason. When customers cancel subscriptions, a message is promptly sent to the service provider so that they may adjust their schedule accordingly.

Add Services

A provider can add multiple services by entering the required information such as service type, prices, and further information about their service offerings. This functionality helps them generate more money, and it will be useful for people to get numerous tasks done by a single service provider.

Saved Location

We included saved locations features in our Uber for Laundry app, allowing customers to remember their favorite locations and edit them while using the laundry service.

Invoice Generation

Each payment made by the customer generates an invoice within the application. Customers can also retain this invoice and the job history for future reference.


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