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Whatsapp Clone

Whatsapp Clone

“Whatsapp Clone is a 100% reliable and ready-to-go instant chat app solution for communication for business ideas, and friends in apps like WhatsApp.”

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What ?

What is a WhatsApp Clone?

A WhatsApp Clone is a seamless instant messaging platform designed to create an app that can connect people with their loved ones effortlessly. Our WhatsApp Clone Script is packed with all the necessary features of a popular real-time chat app like WhatsApp. This robust tool enables you to quickly and cost-effectively build your instant messaging app.

Using Our WhatsApp clone app is a smart way to enter the competitive world of instant messaging apps. With its speed, affordability, and customization options, it allows you to create a platform to connect users around the world.

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What do we offer ?

We believe in presenting high-quality products to our users which can be accessed from both the web and mobile apps.

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WhatsApp Clone Features

Instant Chat

Our WhatsApp Clone Script is most helpful to users who can easily instant chat with others and receive and send text, files, and images. The block chat option is also available in our chat app.

Group and Private Chat

Group and Private Chat options are available in our chat app solution. Users can chat in the group instantly, and users can create unlimited groups in our messaging app like WhatsApp.

My Channel

Our messaging app solution has a private and public channel option, which provides users with unique advantages and offers. 

Video & Voice Calling

Users get the high-quality, standard video calling option anywhere in our WhatsApp clone app. Additionally, the users have the ability to communicate with others or in a group.


The users get a notification instantly of the message received without opening the chat app. While the users do not open the lock screen of the instant messaging app like WhatsApp. 

File and Multimedia Sharing

Our instant messaging App like WhatsApp, is designed with unique features that allow users to easily send large files, images, videos, PPTs, PDFs, XLS, DOCs, etc. to others.


Sangvish‘s WhatsApp Clone App Solution takes users to the next level of experience, like receiving or sending a real-time location to friends or family members.


There are many languages available in the real-time chat app solutions, which connect people at the global level, so they can easily choose their language to chat with others.