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YouTube Clone

YouTube Clone

“Youtube Clone is a key solution for successfully launching your own online video streaming and sharing platform instantly.”


What ?

What is a YouTube Clone?

YouTube clone script empowers entrepreneurs to effortlessly create a 100% customizable video-sharing platform with the latest features such as personalized recommendations, live streaming, and community tools. With our Youtube Clone Script, create a platform to can engage your audience, attract creators and monetize your content.

YouTube Clone can be customized to your targeted audience, drive engagement, and start content creation without any development challenges.

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We are passionate about offering Top-notch products to our users which can be accessed from both the web and mobile apps.

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Youtube Clone Features

Channel Creation and Managing

Users can create multiple channels and manage them by uploading, editing or deleting the videos.

Manage Subscription

By clicking on the subscribe button, the users can add their favourite channel to their subscription list and can get updates of the videos.

Robust Admin Panel

YouTube Clone comes with a reliable Admin panel which lets the admin manage complete platform activities like add, edit, delete video or individual users.

Video Categories

You can create unlimited categories and upload them in the categories which makes it simple for users to find the videos under the particular category they are looking for.

Monetization Options

The video creators can monetize their videos by including ads or for each view, they get for their videos.

Social Share

The YouTube Clone Script let the users share videos with others via social media like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Manage Playlist

Users can create their own create and manage playlists to add their favourite videos to watch later or they can download them.

Push Notification

Push Notification lets the users get attention through instant updates for their subscribed channels while they post new videos.


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