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Published on: Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update

Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update Version 5.0

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Sangvish has announced an Airbnb clone core feature update Version 5.0, which includes the most expected Experience module as well as other truly unique features. With the new upgrades, you can easily upgrade and quickly adapt your rental marketplace to the newest version. Make an Airbnb clone website with new features and improved versions of current features in order to engage your users.

Sangvish has a live demo capability to let you understand more about how our Airbnb clone script works.

Live Demo Login Credentials

Demo URL:
Password: demoaccount

Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update Ver 5.0

List of Recent Updates and New Features

List of Newly Added and Upgraded Features

Introduced the highly awaited Experience module

Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update Experience Module

One of the most awaited and interesting modules for the rental marketplace script is the experience. It enabled hosts to offer experiences like camping, sporting activities, and other activities for guests to book.

Advanced Filters & Categories

Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update Categories and Filters

A new method let you rapidly look for home stays. The categories and filters on the homepage enable the guests to quickly find the stays or properties. This version update now includes the show map option, which allows you to enable location-based search on the homepage.

Razorpay payment gateway


We have included Razorpay in our list of payment gateways along with Stripe and Paypal. So that the guests can now easily book the experiences and the properties.

Removed Ajax warnings from admin pages

When loading data for DataTables using the Ajax option, a general error may occur. In this version, the Ajax warnings in the admin panel are eliminated.

Price-wise map location pin

Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update price-wise-map-pining

The listing’s price is shows together with the location pin on the price-wise map. so that the visitors can choose the booking within their price range in the desired location.

GDPR cookie policy enabled


This customer privacy and cookie policies were updated in order to assure data protection. With the help of this GDPR cookies policy, user data is protected and trust can be built among the users.

Delete Demo content in a click

Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update Delete demo content

The delete demo content button on the admin panel can used to quickly remove the website’s demo content with just one click.

Image cropping feature


The Host may effortlessly resize and crop the pictures while listing the property using this image crop feature.

Dashboard pages upgraded

Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update user dashboard enhanced

The user dashboard updated in the Core Feature Update Version 5.0. This new update includes changes to the dashboard that display the amount of the wallet, the number of active lists, and the number of trips.

Wallet payment option


The guest can use the amount in their wallet to pay the booking if they have more credits in their wallet than the value of the booking.



The multi-language functionality is in our Airbnb clone script to help you expand your rental company to more regions. On the website, both administrators and users can select their preferred language. 


The Airbnb Clone Core Feature Update 5.0 has been launched in order to deliver a better user experience for both guests and hosts. Also, these key enhancements, in our belief, will be advantageous to all users of the Buy2Rental script.


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