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Uber Clone

“Uber Clone is a market-ready online taxi booking software solution to build your own taxi booking app quickly and cost-effectively.“

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What is Uber Clone?

Uber Clone is a 100% customizable solution that helps you build your own taxi booking app to start your taxi business. Our experienced developers delivered the Whitelabel Uber Clone App with cutting-edge features and functionalities to the users.

Uber Clone Script is a unique solution that is designed with a user-friendly, unique UI and UX that can be accessed on both web and mobile applications at an affordable cost with a minimum period to launch.

What do we offer ?

Our expert teams focused on designing the standard products for users who can access the service on both Android and Web applications.


Uber Clone Features


Our app like Uber, helps the riders pay the amount for the ride via wallet quickly.

Schedule Rides

Our taxi booking app allows riders to book a ride instantly or schedule a ride for later days.

Ride History

Riders get all the ride details in this Uber clone, like pickup, price, payment method, drop, etc., with one tap.


Riders get a push notification for the ride status with all the details in our Uber clone solution.

Coupons and discounts

Our Uber clone script offers riders some rewards for making rides, such as coupons and discounts.

Favorite Locations

Riders can save their favourite locations, like home or office addresses, in our Uber clone app.

Multiple Map Options

In our Uber-like app, we have multiple map settings, such as a map box, an open street map, and a Google Map.

Ride Preference

Riders can easily book a ride for caring for things such as luggage or pets or waiting for a pick-up and drop-off option.

Ride History

With just one tap, a driver can see their entire ride history details in our Uber clone app.

Real-time Location

This app helps the drivers reach the correct location for customers to start their ride. 

Invoice Generation

Once the trip is completed, the driver can get the invoice for the ride.

Message and Call Notification

The driver will get notifications for rider requests, payments, completion of rides, etc.


Accounts Integration

Drivers integrate their bank account into our app to get the payment directly to their account once the ride is complete.

Transaction History

Drivers can get detailed information on all their transactions for each ride in this app.

Document Verification

Initially, the admin should verify the driver’s documents to driver access this app.

Availability Status

Drivers could easily change the mode to give availability to the riders in our Uber clone script.

Efficient Communication

Send targeted updates and announcements to your drivers or riders to keep them informed.

Service Request Management

Access and search through all service requests from a single centralized location.

Organized Car Database

Build a database of car models and colors for assigning to drivers efficiently.

Effortless Driver/Rider Management

Easily manage and view detailed information about your drivers and riders, including past activities and records.

Users Management

Maintain a list of all dashboard users and assign specific permissions for each section of the platform.

Flexible Fee Management

Define and set parameters for calculating service fees to ensure profitability.

Seamless Complaint Resolution

Efficiently address complaints submitted by drivers or riders during their trips from your app.

Simplified Payment Gateways Integration

Integrate payment gateways to allow users to pay for trips and top up their wallets seamlessly.

Discounts and Coupon Code Management

Define and manage coupon codes to incentivize users and drive business growth.

Service Real-time Insights

Gain instant visibility into your current service status, including the number of online drivers and statistics.

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Explore Our Global Solutions:

Our On-Demand Taxi Booking Scripts Are,

We have experienced developers to deliver the ondemand taxi booking app and services to users around the world. Our few trending taxi booking solutions are listed below:


Our Uber Clone App Development KeyFeatures

Social media login

Users can sign up for this app using their social media login and share their feedback on social media.

Login/ Registration

Driver and Rider sign up to get the dashboard, and admin manages both rider and driver dashboards.

Rating and Reviews:

Riders can give feedback and ratings for their ride in our app, which helps the drivers get many rides.

Multiple languages

Our app like uber is designed with all countries’s languages supported without flaw.

Multi-payment option:

Our Uber clone software offers multiple payment methods, such as cash, PayPal, etc.

RTL Support

Our expert teams design our Uber clone solution to support the RTL for users.


Enrich Your Business with Our On Demand Taxi Booking App Development Services.

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Our Whitelable Uber Clone App Development Services

We offer the best Uber clone app development services to users around the world. Our team of Uber clone developers designed the full-stack Uber clone software with cutting-edge features and functionalities. Our app development process is explained simply below:


Research and analysis

Once we get detailed information about their needs, our skilled research team will do research and analyse their business requirements and needs in this step.

Understanding needs

This is a major step in our development process because our team gets the full details of the client’s needs, such as structure, business information, purpose, and more. This helps to understand their business requirements.


After our analysis, we design the service based on the client’s desired needs. We contact our clients at every single step in the process, which helps our team deliver innovative services and meet their needs.


Once we complete the design of the app, like Uber, we discuss it with the client and move on to the next step. In this step, we used the latest technologies that are suitable for the business of the client to develop the app.


After development, we have a well-trained testing team to analyze the full product. In this step, if we find any error or bug, it is initially fixed by our team. We deliver the full service without bugs.


All the steps were completed one by one with our client’s knowledge. Finally, Launch the Uber-like app in this step. After the delivery of the app, we also focused on our client’s growth and 24/7 customer support.


Why Choose Us


Launch your Taxi Booking App like Uber with Budget-Friendly Costs!

Sangvish offers the Uber clone script with state-of-the-art technologies, tools, functionalities, and cutting-edge features to users around the world. Our team of experts delivered the full-stack Uber for clone app that meets the 100+ client business needs and requirements.

Free Web Installation

1 Year Free Tech Support

Free App Submission

100% Source Code

How it works

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  • Unlimited Domain license
  • One-Time Payment
  • 100% Source Code
  • 1 Year Support
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Free Installation
  • Android Webview App
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  • Mobile App Submission
  • Access All Features

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FAQ and Version History

Get Answers for your Queries and Stay Updated

Queries & Solutions

Looking for answers? Get them right here.

Uber Clone - FAQ

Do you have any queries about our Uber clone? The below FAQ will give you the best solution to all your questions.

What is Uber Clone Script?

Uber Clone Script is a 100% customisable solution that helps build a unique taxi booking app to start an on-demand business and stand out in the industry. 

How much does the Uber Clone App cost?

Our Uber clone app cost satisfies the client’s budget. We offer the Uber clone script at an affordable cost to meet the needs of the needs of our happy clients, and it may be changed based on the client’s business requirements. 

What does it mean to have 100% source code?

Once you purchase an Uber clone from Sangvish, you will get the 100% source code, and you can customise and control the platform. 

How can I reach you for any assistance or queries?

You can reach us at to clarify your doubts and get our assistance.

Can I resell the Sangvish uber clone after purchase?

Nope, You can’t resell Sangvish’s uber-clone script once you’ve purchased it. Our scripts and themes are not for reselling. If you do, you will get legal action for the violation. 

Server Requirements

Linux VPS and
Google Maps account with billing enabled. Google Maps API is used for Distance calculation.

Version 1.0

  • Initial Version

Version 1.1 (June, 2024)

  • Multiple New Features Added