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Via Clone

"Via Clone makes it easy to build user-friendly ride-booking app, with enormous options to tailor it to your taxi booking business requirements."

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What is Via Clone?

Via Clone is a software solution designed to have all the features and functionalities of a ride-sharing app like Via. It involves creating a mobile app for both the riders and the drivers. The Via Clone App includes features like real-time ride booking, carpooling options, fee estimation, etc.

Using the Via Clone Script, businesses can launch their own taxi booking platform quickly and efficiently. It is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs to enter into the taxi booking service industry.


What do we offer ?

We are committed to delivering remarkable products and services to our clients, ensuring unified user-friendliness across all devices for their convenience.



Via Clone Features

Wallet Integration

Our Via clone app assists the riders in quickly making their payment for the ride through their wallet.

Booking Rides

In our via clone script, riders can schedule a ride for later days or book it instantly.

History of Ride

In the Via Clone riders can get all their ride details with just one tap such as price, pickup, payment method, etc.

Several Map Features

We designed a Via clone with multiple map settings like Open Street Map, Google Map, etc.

rider app features

Rewards and Coupons

Our app-like Via provides riders with surprise rewards for making rides like discounts and coupons.

Desired Location

Our taxi booking app allows riders to store their desired location such as their home or office address.

Ride Preference

Riders can book a ride for bring for things like pets, and luggage or wait for drop-off and pick-up options.


In our via-like app get a push notification for the ride with all details to the riders once booked.

Ride History

Drivers can also see their entire ride details with just one tap in our Via clone app.

Real-time Location

Our clone app assists the driver in reaching the location for riders to begin their trip.

Notification for call and message

The driver will get a notification for a request for a trip, payment, completion of the trip, etc.

Invoice Generation

Once the ride is done, the driver can get the invoice for the trip.

uber clone app driver

Document Verification

Admin verifies the driver’s documents initially before the driver gets access to the app.

Accounts Integration

Drivers connect their bank account to our clone script to get the amount directly to their account for the trip is done.

Availability Status

Our clone app allows the driver can change the mode of availability to the riders.

History of Transaction

Our Via Clone software offers drivers full detailed data for all their rides with transactions.

Structured Car Database

Create a database of car designs, colors, and models for allocating to drivers effectively.

Users Management

Maintain the data of all dashboard clients and allocate specific permissions for every section of the app.

Rider/Driver Management

Efficiently manage and view entire data about your riders and drivers, as well as previous rides and records.

Service Request Management

Search and Access via all service requests from a single centralized location.


This app easily and quickly sends announcements and updates to drivers or riders.

Complaint Resolution

This app effectively addresses complaints given by riders or drivers during their rides.

Payment Gateway

This app designed with payment gateway integration allows riders to pay for rides and flawlessly top up their wallets.

Rewards Management

Easily manage and define the discounts and coupon codes to increase the business growth and attract users.

Real-time insights

Get the real-time status via the app, including the digital source of offline and online drivers and statistics.

Fee Management

Manage, set, and define the fees for services it ensures profit and revenue.

uber clone app admin

Discover Our Robust Solutions:

Our Exclusive Taxi Booking Scripts are,

Our on-demand taxi booking app and services are delivered to the users on Globe by our well-trained developer. In the below, we have given our few latest taxi booking solutions:


Our Effective Via Clone App Development Features

Social media login

In this app, users can quickly register their account via social media login and social media to share their feedback.


Signup riders and drivers get the dashboard of this app, admin manages the dashboards of both.

Reviews and Ratings

Riders can submit their ratings and reviews for their trips in our clone app, which assists drivers get many rides.

Multiple languages

Our Via Clone Software supports multi-language without any bugs and flaws for users around the world.

Multi-payment option:

Our Via clone app provides many payment methods like PayPal, cash, and more.

RTL Support

Our team of developers delivers our Via clone total support RTL for worldwide clients.


Expand Your Business to the Next Level with Sangvish’s Taxi Booking App!

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uber clone app features
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Our Whitelabel Via Clone App Development Services

We provide the whitelabel Via Clone App Development Solution and Services to clients around the world. Our team of Via clone developers delivered the best via clone software with the latest features, technologies, and functionalities. Our clone app development processes are listed one by one below:



In this initial stage, we get detailed data about the client’s business needs and requirements. Our teams will research to analyze this step and give the report to the clients.

Business Needs

Our team will submit the report to the clients for their business needs. This will understand their business needs and goals like Structure, purpose, business needs, etc.


In this step, our team will design the app with clients’ business needs. We had a well-trained team who designed the app to meet the client’s business goals and the latest technologies to attract the target users.


After completing the App Like Via design, we discuss with clients to take the next step of the development. It is the most important, so use the latest and most suitable tech for development to fulfil the client’s business needs.


This is the most important for fixing all the errors in the initial stage. In this stage, we test the app with our experienced team to find out the errors and bugs and fix them.


This is the final step after completing all the above steps we finally deliver the app to the client. Our team helps to launch their Whitelabel Via Clone App to start their desired business effectively.


Why Choose Us

Sangvish provides the best Via Clone Script with cutting-edge features, tools, functionalities, and technologies to clients. Our team of developers delivered the full-stack Via Clone app that fulfills the 120+ users’ needs around the world.

1 Year Tech FREE Support

Free Web Installation

100% Free App Submission

100% Secured Source Code

Benefits of Via Clone Script

Increasing Customer Experience

Our Via Clone Solution is a robust feature that offers a flawless experience for drivers and riders.

Fast Market Reach

Launch your Via Clone App to start your profitable taxi booking app to make money and stand out in the Taxi booking industry. 

100% customizable

Our whitelabel via clone script offers complete customization that helps startups can easily modify apps based on their business needs.

Unique & Latest Trending

Our app like via is the best proof for your business growth and helps to get huge income in the on demand taxi booking business without any flawless.

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FAQ and Version History

Get Answers for your Queries and Stay Updated

Questing & Answers

Looking for answers? Get them right here.

Are Looking for solutions? Get them here. Via Clone - Frequently Asked Questions.

Have any doubts related to our Via Clone? Our FAQ is to get your all doubts answered you need.

What is Via Clone Script?

Via Clone Script is a market-ready and 100% customizable ride-sharing software solution with state-of-the-art features, technologies, and functionalities with a low cost of investment to make money.

How much does it cost to develop an app like via?

Our Via Clone App is a cost-effective solution for users who looking for the best taxi booking app at an affordable cost. Our Via-like app price is changed based on the client’s business needs.

How can I contact you for any doubts or assistance?

Feel free to contact us at to clarify your all queries and get our support.

What does it mean to have 100% source code?

Once you purchase a Via Clone from Sangvish, You’ll get the 100% secured source code and you will get full control of the platform to customize for your needs. 

Can I resell the Sangvish's Via clone after purchased it?

Once you purchased Via clone script from Sangvish. you can’t resell it. Our scripts/themes are not resealable, and any endeavor to do so will finally in legal action for violation. 

Server Requirements

Linux VPS and
Google Maps account with billing enabled. Google Maps API is used for Distance calculation.

Version 1.0

Initial Version
Version 1.1 (June, 2024)

Multiple New Features Added