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Uber for Mechanics

Uber for Mechanics

“Uber for Mechanics empowers entrepreneurs to launch a car repair service marketplace, ensuring seamless service for customers and constant work for mechanics.”


What ?

What is a Uber for Mechanics?

Uber for Mechanics is an online platform that connects vehicle owners with skilled automotive technicians or mechanics. It also enables the users to quickly request for the services like repairs or maintenance and matches them with nearby mechanics who can offer the required assistance.

Creating the car repair service app development, entrepreneurs can create a platform that can be a convenient way for car owners to find and book qualified mechanics, and they can also be a useful tool for mechanics to get new customers.

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What do we offer ?

Our key focus is to offer top-notch and standard products for our clients, that can be accessible on both mobile and web.

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Top Notch Features to Include In Uber for Mechanics Script

Scheduled Booking For Repairs

Customers can pick a time for their Vehicle repair by making a scheduled request. They just need to provide details about the service they needand pick a date and time. The admin can control when customers can schedule requests and set restrictions on how early they can do it.

Toggle Availability

The app for service providers has a switch to indicate whether they’re ready for work. Mechanics can use the switch to easily turn their availability on or off. If a mechanic is inactive for a set period, the availability status switches off automatically.

Augmented Dispatch

When a customer looks for a mechanic, the closest one gets a message about the request. If that mechanic doesn’t take the job, the next nearest one is notified. The admin can also step in and assign the order to a mechanic if needed.

Detailed Invoice

After the service is completed, the invoice is created, which includes comprehensive details of the charges. Users can view and download the invoice, which provides the entire cost breakdown and applicable fees.

Real-Time Tracking of Mechanics

Real-time tracking is becoming an important feature in any on-demand service. Customers can follow the mechanics’ live location once they have accepted the order. Keeping customers updated about the mechanic’s whereabouts can help enhance user retention.

In-App Messaging

In-app chat assistance is implemented, allowing customers and mechanics to interact.
Mechanics can ask any questions about customers or support representatives to offer services on time customers can use it to ask about mechanics or service help for any issues.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The default payment gateway in the Uber for Mechanics app is Stripe. If a purchaser chooses to integrate any other local payment gateway, we give the necessary technical assistance for it. They can also add several payment gateways to boost security.

Efficient Management

The admin has full control over the app’s features. The admin panel allows them to effectively handle all orders, users, and service providers.


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