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Uber For Car Wash

Uber For Car Wash

Uber for Car Wash is an online solution for a car cleaning company to offer a platform for connecting car owners with cleaning service providers.


What ?

What is Uber For Car Wash?

On Demand Car Wash services is rising, driven by the increasing need for convenience. Creating the Uber for Car Wash App connects the car owners with the cleaning professionals, bringing the on demand car cleaning service to your doorstep.

This booming market provides car wash companies a chance to reach more customers extend their service region, and optimize activities through the app. By providing customization, and a user experience these apps transform the way people get car cleaning services.

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What do we offer ?

Our primary goal is to design and develop robust products that are not only seamlessly accessible from any device.

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Essential Features for Developing a Cutting-Edge Uber for Car Wash App

Request Booking or Schedule

The Uber for car wash app enables users to instantly request a service or schedule a car wash at their convenience, specifying the preferred time duration for execution based on provider availability.

Card/Cash Payment Options

The Uber for Car Wash platform enables admins to give a variety of payment options for quick processing, allowing customers to pay online using credit/debit/custom cards or in cash, settling directly with the provider on-site while receiving quick invoices.

Service Alerts

Upon user service requests, registered providers receive notifications and can accept or decline using their dedicated app, with the admin having access to the approved/rejected service data for both users and providers.

E-Wallet Settings

The integrated wallet feature ensures secure online payments, requiring users to maintain a minimum balance for diverse uses. Users can add money using credit/debit cards to maintain their wallet balance or pay for services.

Installation Privileges

The admin can set the installation privileges for app use and version updates. Using the admin panel, the admin can select the fixed OS version to install and utilize the app on a certain device. Also, the admin can make app updates necessary to provide users with the most recent features and updates.

Track Service Status

Upon accepting a service request, providers provide live status updates throughout each stage, keeping users and admin informed. After completing the service, providers can request payment with the invoice generated in their dedicated app.


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