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Handyman App like Uber

Handyman App like Uber

“Handyman App like Uber lets entrepreneurs create their handyman app which comes with an intuitive booking and scheduling process for a range of services.”

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What ?

What is a Handyman App like Uber?

Handyman App like Uber is the ultimate app that connects customers with skilled service providers for all home maintenance requirements, just like Uber. Uber for Handyman creates a user-friendly platform for users to browse handyman profiles, compare costs, and schedule their bookings directly.

Creating a Handyman App like Uber has features like real-time tracking, transparent pricing, secure payment options, etc. It ensures a hassle-free experience for both customers and skilled professionals.

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What do we offer ?

Our key focus is ensuring accessibility to our products across both web and mobile apps. We prioritize providing seamless access to our services from both platforms, to meet the diverse needs of our users.

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Handyman App Like Uber's Features

Live Tracking

The user can track the service providers’ real-time updates via this handyman app like Uber within a second. It helps to connect users and service providers easily, and every stage is updated in this app to meet the user’s requirements.

Schedule Appointments

Clients book appointments for their work via the on-demand Handyman app to get the best and most efficient service provider to complete their tasks. The advanced schedule will help them complete their task within the allotted time.

Multiple Payment Option

Our Uber for Handyman App Solution helps clients save their card details to pay the amount for services via this app. Users can integrate their e-wallet with these features available in our app. 

Referral Bonus

The clients get many benefits from our Uber for Handyman App, such as referring others, family, friends, and relatives to get bonus points, which helps the users find the top service providers. 

Multiple Services

Uber for Handyman holds the detailed path of the client’s details and shows the multiple services in the various categories and their subcategories for easy use. 

Rating & Review

The users can give the rating for the availed services by the service providers in this app. Users can also provide reviews for the service providers. 

Customer Feedback

Our Handyman app like Uber, is a fully customisable and user-friendly platform that helps clients give their feedback easily in this app. Which assists in easily booking appointments, tracking handyman arrivals, and managing payments through the app.

History of Services

With one click, users can get the full details of their availed services and the transaction details in Sangvish‘s Handyman App Like Uber. Which holds all the details securely, like invoices, payment details, and service details, is a more user-friendly experience for the users. 


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