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Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental Script

Vacation Rental Script is a ready-made software solution that helps entrepreneurs start their own vacation rental business instantly. 


What ?

What is Vacation Rental Script?

Vacation Rental Script is a pre-tailored online room booking software solution that helps business owners launch their rental marketplace, such as Airbnb, at an affordable cost. We have designed our vacation rental booking business script with cutting-edge features, functionalities, and technologies that mirror those of Airbnb. This rental script helps to build a vacation rental business with the minimum cost to meet their business needs. 

Our best vacation rental software is developed with unique features to fulfill entrepreneurs, startups, and business requirements and helps to make money instantly. To achieve your rental booking business goals, our developers help you start your vacation rental script on both iOS and Android. 

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Why does our Vacation Rental Script stand apart from competitors?

Well-experienced developers design our vacation rental script with the latest features and technologies to meet the client’s business requirements at an affordable cost. Entrepreneurs can easily customize our 100% secure vacation rental software to suit their specific needs.



Vacation Rental Software Multiple Stunning Features


The icon filter is the best option because it allows you to easily identify the desired features of the property, such as location, price, amenities, property type, and many more.


Advanced Search and Filters permit guests to refine their property search based on sectors such as bedroom numbers, price ratios, and amenities. Search results help find the perfect properties for the accommodation. 


Guest dashboards display information about their bookings, booking histories, offers and discounts, upcoming trips, favorite trips, saved trips, transactions, and messages from hosts. 


Messaging options help to connect the host and guest for bookings, inquiries, special offers, and requests. The real-time notifications for each booking are seamless for both.


Guests can easily book the properties without any hassle and also easily cancel the booking with transparent terms and policies instantly. Which gives the guest the best user-friendly experience.


A wallet system integration helps the guest quickly and securely secure payment for bookings. The guest securely stores their payment method and effectively tracks the transactions.


This feature helps hosts easily list their properties. Listing the properties also includes photos, amenities, detailed descriptions, and more. Hosts can set and fix the pricing and availability of the property option, which is also available. 


Allows multiple and flexible booking options, and booking approval and canceling the booking options are also controlled by the host. The host customizes these booking options.


The ical sync integration helps to avoid property booking across multiple platforms at the same time. Hosts can easily track bookings and avoid double bookings on various platforms. 


When a guest books the property, the system automatically generates an invoice that clearly explains the charges. A host can customize the invoice templates with their brand identity.


Permit hosts to set custom pricing options based on a variety of factors, including demand, seasonality, location, atmosphere, length of stay, and more. It contributes to increased revenue.


A dashboard provides hosts with property booking options, performance, earnings, guest reviews, transactions, and communication tools to effectively manage upcoming bookings and guests.


Admin has the instinct to offer a comprehensive overview of listing properties, booking requests, income, host and guest activists, and others. Admin is quickly customizable and can access the whole platform.


Today, this is one of the primary features of admin, the customer privacy policy, and permission for cookies. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the platform’s data securely and ensures user consent management.


This platform allows multiple secured payment gateways for hosts and guests. It helps secure transactions, manage refunds, automate invoicing, track payments, and more. 


Admin can fix and customize the fees, commissions, and taxes for the host and guest. Admin can fix both tax ratios, making it easy to generate high revenue.


This is one of the robust features; the admin can filter out the users based on identity verification, which helps to avoid risk, fraud, and other issues from users. Both hosts and guests must verify their identities with ID documents or other required documents as part of the identity verification measures.


In this feature, the admin can categorize the properties based on their types, like houses, villas, apartments, guesthouses, etc. This feature helps both the host and guest easily search.


Standard Features

PHP Laravel Framework

Vacation Rental Script is designed utilizing the PHP Laravel Framework and is open source. Choose the Laravel framework to develop a safe, secure, and customizable vacation rental platform. 

Ratings & Reviews

Allow guests to share their experiences during their stay at each property. The valuable ratings and reviews of the properties and hosts help the next and future guests make the perfect decision for their stay. 

Multi Currency

Our vacation rental Lavervel script allows multi-currency. Guests can easily add the more currency method to our vacation clone script. The latest automatic currency-switching features are also available in our vacation script based on guest geolocation. 

Responsive Design

Certify that the website is optimized for multiple devices without flaws, like smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Ensure the website is browsing on all screen sizes and gives the best user-friendly experience to the users. 

Social via Login

Allow users to register and sign in via their Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts. The registration process is streamlined for user engagement and convenient access. 


Ensure the website is accessible in multiple languages based on the user’s desired location. Most users select their preferred languages for their browsing and interactions.

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    Admin Dashboard

    Mobile App

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    Vacation Rental App is 100% customizable, and you can easily access everything at your fingertips. Which is most comfortable for the guest, and the host can easily massage anywhere. 

    Our Vacation Rental Script App is designed with cutting-edge technologies, features, and functionalities that help entrepreneurs and startups start their own rental businesses at an affordable cost. 


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    • Unlimited Domain license
    • One-Time Payment
    • 100% Source Code
    • 1 Year Support
    • Unlimited Updates
    • Free Installation
    • Android Webview App
    • iOS Webview App
    • Mobile App Submission
    • Access All Features


    • 1 Domain license
    • One-Time Payment
    • 100% Source Code
    • 1 Year Support
    • Unlimited Updates
    • Free Installation
    • Android Webview App
    • IOS Webview App
    • Mobile App Submission
    • Access All Features

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    Why Choose Us?

    Free App Submission

    Experience a flawless app build and get market exposure. We submit the process to Google Play and the Apple Store without incurring any additional costs.

    100% Support

    Sangvish had a wonderful team that provided 100% support for all inquiries. Reach them via WhatsApp, Skype, or email, and we are happy to support you.


    Transform our Whitelableing Vacation Rental script into an innovative marketplace bearing your own brand identity. Our white labelling script aids in expanding your brand’s reach.

    The complete source code

    We provide 100% source code in our vacation rental script, which you can access, customize, and modify based on your business requirements. 

    Support Post-App Rejection

    If your app gets rejected, don’t worry! Our team is here to assist you via the resubmission process to confirm your vacation rental app was published successfully. 

    Free Server installation

    Sangvish provides exclusive one-time free installation services for your purchased Vacation Rental script and app, and it needs your FTP credentials and Cpanel.


    People Asked Questions


    Do you have any questions before building your online rental marketplace? Don’t fret. In this FAQ section, we give the answers to the most common and major questions about vacation rental softwares. Let’s get into the Vacation Rental Script FAQ section to learn more about installation, support, and features. Our experts are here to assist you in building your rental marketplace. 

    If you have any other questions or queries, feel free to reach our support team.

    Vacation Rental Script is an online software solution that helps entrepreneurs create their rental businesses to earn more in a short time. Our vacation rental app is designed with the latest features and advanced technologies to deliver websites. 

    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension
    • PHP >= 7.4
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • MySQL – 4.x & 5.x
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension

    Folder Permission Requirements:

    • For the following folders, select write permission.
    • bootstrap/cache/
    • storage/app/
    • storage/framework/
    • storage/logs/

    Yep, you can get updated to the latest version, but it is based on your package.

    If your support package has expired, feel free to contact our support team to get further details.

    If you previously purchased, please contact our support team via email at or send a support form with any questions. 

    Based on the list, our technical support team will respond to all the queries via email. Based on the queue, in the working days, the support team will respond within 24 to 48 hours. 

    1. Reinstalling scripts or themes
    2. Complex installation on your local device.
    3. If you don’t follow the instructions correctly, problems could arise.
    4. Difficulty with modifications made to the code by you or your team.

    There are many payment methods available, like credit card, debit card, net banking, and Paypal. If PayPal is not in your country, you make the payment using the Razorpay method, utilizing your credit card or debit card. Both PayPal and Razorpay methods can also be used, as can MoneyGram and Western Union Money. If you have questions about payment, contact our support team.

    If you want Arabic translation and RTL direction, we will customize this job for you. However, you will have to pay extra. For further details, contact our support team to learn more about payment. 

    Yes, of course. We provide script and theme customization services. If you want to modify our design of themes or scripts or add additional features, our team will do this customization job. Additionally, it will be charged. In case your technical team modifies the source code, we can’t offer technical support.

    Nope, Any theme or script purchased from Sangvish is not designed and developed to be distributed or re-sold. You are responsible for legal action if you infringe upon someone else’s intellectual property rights.

    It depends on the package you buy. Our expert supporters will do an installation service for free on your suggested Linux server or hosting for the first time. If there is any additional installation, you have to pay extra. Any support, your local machine installation, host, or setup these are not included.

    We provide a free installation service, but you must pay for any additional installations. You contact our team and submit your FTP credentials or cPanel to install it. If you want to install it yourself, you should follow the guides in our documents.

    The script or theme copy doesn’t cover any encrypted files. We provide our vacation rental software to you with 100% control to customize it based on your business needs and requirements.

    Sangvish concentrated on incorporating the most recent features, enhancing existing ones, and resolving any reported bugs. You have access to the advanced version of our themes or scripts until your free update expires, or until you customize or change the source code. If you want a new version or an existing version, you should have to pay additionally. 

    If you have any issues, questions, or doubts, reach our support team to solve.

    If you encounter difficulties installing and configuring our clones or themes, or if any bugs arise in our themes, Sangvish provides support. The bugs are so difficult that we will fix them within a timeline. The fix is also embraced in the latest updates. Note: This support does not include customizing our themes or products, or including the latest features. Those are additional charges.

    Yep, it is only a ONE-TIME PAYMENT to purchase our theme or script.

    Yes, you have full ownership and control of the entire website. 

    A single domain license will be used for only one business per domain, like With a multi-domine license, you can use unlimited and multiple domains for businesses like,, and more. 


    Vacation Rental Scirpt's Version History & Change Logs


    Discover the milestones of our best vacation rental script in its history version. Our team works hard to build standard upgrades, add the latest features, and improve work and performance with every update. 

    Our experts’s dedication to outstanding, up-to-date advanced technologies and trends ensures that our online rental marketplace remains a scalable and user-friendly solution for your rental business requirements. Take a look at the version history to see how we developed and improved the Vacation Rental site to fulfill the growing online rental marketplace. 

    • Admin email can be edited here after
    • Maintenance mode added
    • ical sync issue fixed
    • Image cropping feature added
    • Bed-based bedroom features added
    • SMTP small bug fixed
    • The home page banner language issue fixed
    • Introducing Hourly booking
    • MapBox map added
    • Kids count added with booking
    • Facebook connect bug fixed
    • Multiple image upload provision added
    • The date format bug fixed
    • Revamped home page
    • Calendar
    • responsive
    • Experience reports added
    • Delete account feature added
    • image upload
    • Experience Enable/Disable from the admin panel
    • country search issue fixed
    • Now you can change home page in between new and classic designs
    • Introduced the most awaited Experience module
    • GDPR cookie policy
    • Dashboard pages upgraded
    • Razorpay payment gateway
    • Advance home page design with filter
    • Image crop features
    • Location filter updated
    • Min stay/max stay added
    • One-click demo content delete option
    • Multilanguage
    • Wallet payment option
    • Host / Guest cancellation
    • Price-wise map location pin
    • Ajax warning removed in admin pages
    • Amenities icon added
    • A multi-language option was added for the slider
    • Razorpay payment gateway added
    • Country code auto-select using geolocation
    • host cancellation introduced
    • property details page improved
    • Edit listing page updated
    • Social share feature improved
    • Admin panel updated
    • Google recaptcha added
    • Request payment concept upgraded for host
    • Multiple upgrades are done both frontend and admin
    • Laravel 8.0 updated
    • Added currency & language switcher in mobile
    • Now update the color code from the admin panel
    • Admin panel js conflict issue fixed
    • Search improved
    • Laravel 7.0 updated
    • Add listing page improved
    • Major UI/UX update
    • Login popup added
    • Static page editor introduced
    • Few bugs fixed
    • Currency issue fixed
    • Booking improved
    • Multi-language added
    • Few bugs fixed
    • Stripe payment gateway added
    • Social login added
    • Design improved
    • Multi-currency featured added
    • The map search bug fixed
    • Initial Release

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