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Uber For Babysitters

Uber For Babysitters

Uber for Babysitters is an online platform designed to provide on-demand childcare services by connecting caregivers with parents in need.


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What is Uber For Babysitters?

The Uber for Babysitters App transforms childcare by offering a seamless platform connecting parents with qualified babysitters. By Creating a Babysitter App like Uber, you can tap into a growing market with a user-friendly platform. It also lets you earn multiple revenue streams like transaction fees, subscriptions, etc.

The Uber for BabySitters can be customized and scaled easily, it offers flexibility to meet your business goals. With features including real-time GPS tracking, secure payment methods, and a messaging system, parents can enjoy peace of mind while handling their childcare needs efficiently.

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What do we offer ?

We provide the best products and services to our customers that are entirely developed for seamless access on both web and mobile apps.

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Uber For Dabysitters Features

Categories & Sub Categories

Our Uber For Babysitters App is designed with the best categorization system, ensuring that parents can easily find the perfect match for their childcare needs. Users can search via multiple categories and subcategories based on their needs.

Schedule/Cancel Option

Users get an effective babysitter app like Uber to book, schedule, and arrange for their childcare. Our app is excellent and flexible, so users can easily schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments without any hassle for their baby, and it attracts many users.

SMS/Email Notification

Our Uber for Babysitters app is developed with cutting-edge features and a user-friendly platform so parents can easily schedule nannies for their child. Who can easily search the sitter’s availability and will get instant SMS and email notifications for every appointment. 

Share Feedback

Feedback is more helpful for both users and entrepreneurs. With Uber for babysitters, parents can share their feedback in our app. Best feedback helps entrepreneurs get more clients to grab huge income in a short time to achieve their desired goals from Sangvish. 


Every childcare payment’s detailed data is available on our Uber for Babysitters website, which helps track their childcare expenses and get budget-friendly, effective services.

Payment Option

Our Uber for Babysitters provides multiple safe and secure payment options for every transaction, for both parents and babysitters. Such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, debit cards, and more. 

Schedule Interviews

The parents can have face-to-face or virtual meetings with the babysitter to get the perfect babysitters for their childcare via our Uber for babysitters. It helps to create trust between carers and families through open communication. 


Our Babysitters app like Uber is 100% customizable, which helps entrepreneurs easily customize their website or app for their desires. Sangvish‘s Uber for babysitters offers many features, functionalities, and benefits to the parents for their childcare.