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Launch A Successful Rental Business With Leading Airbnb Clone Software

Now a day, the internet has enhanced our life and opened up new avenues for earning money. Peer-to-peer eCommerce provides a lot more options for starting a profitable business. And the sharing economy has risen rapidly, one of the right examples for this is Airbnb. If you’re looking to get into the vacation rental business, then here is the ultimate Airbnb Clone Software for you.

A Multi-Vendor Vacation rental website is the platform where various property owners rent out their properties for some particular period. The renting charges can be fixed and updated by the hosts. In this process, the website owner will generate revenue from the admin commission. The admin or the website owner will charge a commission fee for each booking made by the guest. With the help of Airbnb Clone Software, you can create your own vacation rental website like Airbnb.

How It Works

  • Both the Guest and Hosts register and log in to the website.
  • The Hosts will list their properties with the required details.
  • Hosts can set prices for the rental property.
  • The Guests can search for the properties based on the location.
  • Also, they can view the availability and send the request to the hosts.
  • After the booking and payment are completed, the admin commission is deducted, and the money is securely transferred through the platform.

The above is how the Airbnb clone website works. Sangvish offers the best Airbnb Clone Script to start your vacation rental business seamlessly. The Airbnb clone script is developed using the PHP Laravel Framework with advanced features and functionalities.

Fringe Benefits of Sangvish Airbnb Clone Software

Social Media Login

The Social Media Login feature makes it easy to register and log in. Hosts and guests can use their social Gmail and Facebook profiles to log in.

Approval For Listing

The Host must appeal for the listing to be approved by the admin after the listing process is completed. List management involves features such as adding, editing, and deleting lists.

Advanced Search and Filter

Guests can easily search for space from a larger number of listings. making it easier to search based on the location and book a space or property without difficulty.

Set Availability on Calendar

The Vacation Rental Software has an availability calendar feature so date-based booking is on the calendar. The host can approximate the availability dates for the property booking using this feature.

Set Custom Price Every Day

The host can able to set a custom price for specific days, such as a seasonal price, a vacation price, or a weekend price.

Multiple Languages Supported

Sangvish Airbnb Clone Supports Multiple languages. Also, the host can add more languages if required.

Multi-Currency Supported

It supports multiple currencies. As a result, it accepts the geolocation-based currency converter function. You may also add more currencies.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment options like PayPal, Stripe, etc. Also, you can add many other payment gateways based on your requirement.

These are the features and benefits of the Airbnb clone software offered by Sangvish. Also, With this vacation rental script, you can effortlessly start your rental business and earn more profit.


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