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Leading Digital Marketplace Script to Start Your Digital Sell Marketplace

The Digital Sell Marketplace is the online platform where you can buy and sell digital products. A digital product is any product that you can sell online that has no physical. The digital products may include eBooks, themes, templates, photos, music, videos, software, etc. Commencing the Digital Sell Marketplace is the best option for entrepreneurs to earn money. And Building the website is simpler now with the help of Digital Marketplace Script.

Digital marketplace script is the software solution that enables entrepreneurs to create their own websites like Themeforest. There are several ThemeForest clone scripts available online, among them Sangvish offers the best Themeforest Clone Script. It is a multi-vendor digital marketplace script so that the website owner can allow more than one seller to use the website. By allowing them the website owner can earn the admin commission for each sale made on the website.

How Themeforest Clone Script Works

Our platform can assist you in creating the most effective website for selling digital goods. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Both the Seller and Buyer should register and log in to the website using their social media accounts or email.
Step 2: Once the seller profile is verified and approved by the admin the seller can start listing their products. The seller can add the products under various categories.
Step 3: Users can search for the products they want and buy them online using different payment methods like PayPal, Stripe and etc.
Step 4: Once the payment is completed the orders will be managed by the vendor. Also in this Digital Marketplace Script, the vendor will have a separate dashboard.
Step 5: The admin will pay the vendor commission on a weekly or daily basis.
Step 6: Also, the admin can able to manage the entire website from the admin panel.

Benefits And Features of Digital Marketplace Script

Creating the Digital Product Selling Website Using Digital Marketplace Script from Sangvish has many benefits. Also, it is the ThemeForest clone WordPress theme that has advanced features which include.

Benefits of Using Themeforest Clone Script

  • Using Themeforest Clone you don’t need to worry about inventory.
  • You can create a website for selling digital goods easily
  • Don’t require the programming knowledge
  • You can build a website like ThemeForest at an affordable cost.
  • Earn from admin commission without selling your own products.

Features of Digital Marketplace Script


The Themeforest clone script is developed using the WordPress CMS PHP framework. So, managing the whole website is easy.

Admin Commission and Payout

The admin can earn from the admin commission for every sale made on the website.

Multiple Payment Gateway Support

It’s a woo-commerce WordPress theme. PayPal, COD, Bank are the default payment gateways. You can also add more payment gateways based on the requirements.

Front End Dashboard

Each vendor has a front-end dashboard to create the store and add the products easily.

Social Media Login

Both the vendors and the users can use their social media profiles to easily register and log in to the website.

Multi-Language Support

You can use the website in any language using the Google Translate plug-in.

SEO Friendly Website

This Digital Marketplace Script uses the Yoast SEO Plugin so your website will be SEO Friendly.

Google Analytics

With the Google Analytics feature, you can monitor the website’s insights and user behavior.

Free Live Demo

Themeforest clone script offers a free live demo to try out the unique features. So that you can see how the website would work before purchasing the digital marketplace script.


It’s easier to look at and connect with products in a more conventional way, and it’s also easier to see product price information.

The above are the features and the benefits of the digital marketplace script. Using the ThemeForest clone the entrepreneurs can start their own digital goods selling website and generate more profit from it.


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