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Published on: thumbtack clone php script

How To Select Right Thumbtack Clone PHP Script For Your Service Business

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The service marketplace is a site where service providers can offer their services. It is a simple and rapid multi-vendor platform for offering and receiving many services from a single location. It also assists consumers in receiving the services they require. Thumbtack, Taskrabbit, and Handy are examples of successful markets that provide an excellent user experience. You can use the Thumbtack Clone PHP Script to make your own on-demand service marketplace website like Thumbtack.

Sangvish Thumbtack Clone PHP Script is the best choice for entrepreneurs looking to create a website and app similar to Thumbtack. It has all essential features as a thumbtack. Also, you can tailor the website according to the requirements. Since it is the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Script, it may be used by several service providers. The admin may generate income with this Thumbtack Clone Website by receiving a commission from the service provider for each service they offer.

How Thumbtack Clone PHP Script Works

  • The Thumbtack Clone Website working process starts with the registration for both the user and the service providers.
  • Once the registration is completed the professionals can list their services.
  • The users can also search for a particular professional or post the job.
  • If the user posts the job the service providers can bid for the particular job and the customer will choose the lowest bidding service provider to do the task.
  • Once the user selects the professional a service request will be sent to them or they can book them by award and funding.
  • After the job is successfully done, the user will be verified and release the fund for the task
  • The admin pays the amount to the service providers on a weekly or monthly basis after deduction the admin commission.

The Sangvish Thumbtack Clone PHP Script enables company owners to build a local service business website with all of the necessary features. The Thumbtack clone script allows you to establish yourself from your market competition.


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