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Sangvish Introduces New Service Marketplace Platform – Tasky

Sangvish the present interruption by sharing economy, startups have plunged into capitalizing in online service platform for various specialty categories. One such specialty category where investors are bullish today is a service platform for freelancers and micro-jobs. And, to help them investigate the best one, allow scripts introduces a new Service Marketplace Platform like Tasky.


What is Tasky?

Tasky is a readymade web platform that lets business startups and entrepreneurs. Because to launch their own service business website similar to TaskRabbit. So its effort was made to make a communication channel between Taskers and customers. The customers want to outsource errands post their jobs on Tasky. And task providers who are skilled pros can earn income by offering services to customers.

Tasky implements a commission-based business model, where a small level of commission is charged from the suppliers as a service fee. Coded in PHP5 and MySQL, Tasky lets you quickly dispatch your own online marketplace website. Without moving a muscle and hassle-free. So Created in our dynamic framework, the high emphasis laid on technologies like JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, cURL, etc.

In spite of the in-built features of the web platform, the TaskRabbit Clone script is highly adaptable and robust. Hence it executes any customization ideas according to your business requirements. If you will start one such freelance marketplace website, you easy launch it with Tasky. Moreover, if you need to target it to your specialty audience, share your thoughts with us and we shall customize it with Tasky. So to discuss more on Tasky please connect with us.

Tasky is a micro jobs marketplace platform where people can search taskers for their particular task. And it directly hires them dependent on their hourly rates. And it acts as an escrow that deals with the payment between the customer and tasker. Tasky too cuts off the minimum percentage of amount from the tasker as a commission charge.


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