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Published on: Custom Thumbtack Clone Script

Popularize Your Service Marketplace Business Website with Our Custom Thumbtack Clone Script

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Our Custom Thumbtack Clone Script supports various handyman services. People are using the on-demand service website as well as mobile applications. The handy clone scripts connect the users and the service providers so they can easily perform the services that they need. The service marketplace script is a perfect solution for various services businesses like cleaning, laundry, plumping, handyman, spa, saloon, tailoring, electrician, car cleaning, and more.

Sangvish thumbtack clone makes it more possible with a few steps. So everyone can get all types of household services. Also, you can earn with the admin commission policy once the service is done.

How to Earn With Custom Thumbtack Clone Script

Here I have explained the step-by-step process of how to earn with a custom thumbtack clone script. Let’s see what that is,

Social Media Advertisement

Social media advertising is a crucial part of your business marketing strategy. while using Social platforms may help you connect with your customers. Also, you increase awareness about your brand and increase your leads and sales. Nowadays most business marketers believe social media influences their business revenue and sales.

Revenue Generation

Revenue generation is one of the most significant activities of any kind of business profit. It may be defined as a process by company plans for how to improve the market and sell and services. In our script, we have one of the best features like the admin commission policy. For every service, the admin gives a commission amount to the business owner.

Bidding System

The Bidding System is used to choose a merchant for subcontracting obtaining services that are required for the business person. Here each vendor responds to the bid with details about the products and services.

Subscription Fee

A subscription fee means the amount of money that is required to pay for the subscription for the services. It may be billed monthly or yearly. The amount pays regularly to belong to an organization with the help of a campaign.

This how you can earn by using our script. Nowadays most of them like to start their home-based service business website. So we preferred our script for your script.


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