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Custom Digital Download PHP Script To Build Website like Themeforest

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Digital goods marketplaces’ business strategy focuses on closing the gap between both owners of the digital product and the potential customer. Vendors submit their digital goods, and buyers can purchase them on the website. Themeforest is one of the most convenient digital marketplace websites. It lets the users sell and buy digital products like themes, templates, images, videos, ebooks, software, etc. If you are looking to blow up your business by building websites like Themeforest, and Envato, then a Digital Download PHP Script will help you.

Digi Monster is the Themeforest clone script. It is the multi-vendor digital marketplace script that enables to launch of a perfect website similar to Themeforest.

Since it is a multi-vendor digital product selling script, the website can be used by a number of vendors. And the website owner can earn from the admin commission by letting the vendors sell their digital goods on the website.

The Digital Download PHP Script from Sangvish is completely scalable to tailor the website based on the business needs and user demands.

Must Have Features of Digital Download PHP Script

Must Have Features of Digital Download PHP Script

Digi Monster includes the necessary features for a digital marketplace website. Below are some of the must-have features of the ThemeForest clone script.


Customization refers to a digital marketplace platform’s ability to enhance and alter in response to changing the website based on the market conditions and the demands of the users.

Listing products

A digital download PHP script should allow the sellers to list their digital products with optimum efficiency and minimal effort. And it lets the vendor provide all the details of the product such as name, description, images, etc.


If you wish to expand your digital marketplace platform into the global trade arena, an integrated multi-currency feature is absolutely necessary.


With the multi-language supported script, the user of the marketplace can use their preferred language when buying and selling the digital goods on the website.

Multiple payment gateways

When offering multiple payment options for the user, increases the user experience. The customers can use the desired payment method. Digimonster support multiple payment options such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. Also, additional payment gateways can be included based on the requirement.

Responsive Design

A digital marketplace should be responsive to offer the best user experience. The Digital Download PHP Script from Sangvish is an entirely responsive website design. So that the website can be accessed from any device and screen size.

Various Product Types

Our Themeforest clone script handles a broad variety of product types, including pictures, music, videos, graphic designs, themes, plugins, mobile apps, and so on.

These are the most important and prominent features of our Digital Products Marketplace Script similar to Themeforest. Our Themeforest clone script is the best approach for entrepreneurs who want to improve their Digital Marketplace business.


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