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Published on: handy clone script

Set Up Your Service Marketplace Business Website with Our Handy Clone Script

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The Handy Clone Script is one of the best scripts for your service marketplace business. While using our script you can easily build your handyman services in one place. It mainly focuses on services like cleaning, laundry, plumbing, electrician, tailoring, car cleaning, etc.

In our service marketplace script, the service providers can list their services by setting up and start earning from them for every job done by them.

List of Handyman Services from Handy Clone Script

Sangvish handy clone software was developed using the PHP Laravel Framework. Here I have listed what are the services we offer. They are,

  • Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Plumping
  • Handyman
  • Saloon
  • Tailoring
  • Electrician
  • Car Cleaning and etc.

A P2P Service Marketplace Business is one of the market models for all types of Handyman services. By the way, Service Marketplace Solutions produce the services and allowing them to clients/ customers, and generates opportunities for paid workers.

This is the major service we provide. Let’s start your on-demand service marketplace business website with our clone script and start earning through the admin commission policy.

Features of Our Handyman Script

Our script was open-source and customized. So that the website can modify your website as per your requirement. Also, it has advanced features which include,

Laravel Framework:

Our script is fully designed and developed by the Laravel framework. So it may overcome the cost of initial development and increases the quality of your code.

Multi-Vendor Supported:

In our script, anyone can register and organize their shop to list their services because of its multivendor supported script.

Responsive Design:

The Handy script responsive layout, which will be absolute in all devices from portable to tablets, desktops. Also, It can configure with any browser.

Front-end Shop

It was created with a plan to enhance the user experience. Also, The main aim is to keep track of their services and the billing method and wants to switch from the front-end.

PayPal Payment:

Our script supports multiple payment gateways like stripe, credit card, PayPal, bank, etc. Then it was merged with our service clone script, which may easy to manage and cost-effective. Also its the Safe and secure transactions.

Stripe Payment:

Stripe is the most famous premium payment gateway. The users can favor paying by card either stripe.

Payumoney Payment:

Payumoney payment provides good and customized features to find transaction details. All purchases are safe and secure with two-factor authentication.

Commission and Earnings:

Admin can set up a commission payment option is to the service providers. Whenever service booking is done, the service provider receives paid as a vendor payment.

Dispute System

Our script is built with an effective dispute system to fix organizational conflicts. It’s the struggle resolve system includes a refund, if you are service is not done.

FB, Twitter, G+ Login:

The Handy Clone Script supports social media via registration and login. So, Customers can easily share their reviews, and also supports with promotional activities.

Service Provider Wallet:

Here the service provider has a separate wallet to save their profits. And Also, they can withdraw their incomes to their PayPal or bank account.

Customer Wallet:

Here the customer also has a separate wallet to save the refund amount. And the customers can use their wallet amount for another service booking.


Multiple Language support with google translation available at our script. So, you can utilize any language on your website using the google translate plugin.

Tax Management:

Here the multi-vendor script manages taxes effectively. It depends on the place and time of the taxes.

Email Notification

Our script supports customizing the push notifications option to your customers. So users can get proper mail updates about important events on a timely basis.

Seo Friendly

The URLs used in the script are SEO-friendly, which seems to be beneficial according to the search engine aspect. And also, it assumes to optimize the content and manages your title, meta tags.

Private Message

Our service marketplace script enables you to send push messages immediately from the admin panel to the service providers and customers.

Android & ios app

The service clone script was fully responsive design so it supports both native android and ios applications. And it helps the increase of business widely.

Extensive Documentation

Technical documentation is elements trafficking with software product improvement. The script holds extensive records effectively.

Those are the main features from our service marketplace like handy.


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