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Published on: peer to peer marketplace software

Create Service Provider Website With Best Peer to Peer Marketplace Software

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The peer to peer service marketplace is a platform where people can offer services to meet people who may be interested in buying them. The platform helps to connect the service-providing professionals and the customers. Thumbtack and Handy are some examples of the Peer to Peer Service Marketplace. Users and service providers can connect directly to these service marketplaces. This results in considerable expense, processing time, and convenience. Using the Peer to Peer Marketplace Software, the entrepreneur can build their own service marketplace.

The entrepreneurs prefer to create a multi-vendor peer to peer marketplace using the peer to peer marketplace software. Because when launching the multi-vendor marketplace website, the website owner can earn from the admin commission for every service done on the website. Also, the Peer-to-peer marketplace software is prominent among service providers because it allows them to reach a large number of potential customers.

Advantages of Using Ready-Made Service Marketplace Script

  • The peer to peer marketplace software saves development time, cost, and effort.
  • With the minimum effort, you can launch your own marketplace business website.
  • The clone scripts are customizable so that you can tailor the website based on your business requirements.
  • Since you are not a technical person, you can build and launch your on-demand service marketplace website like thumbtack, handy and etc with the help of marketplace scripts.

Key Features of Peer To Peer Marketplace Software

When you choose to build your local service-providing business website using the peer-to-peer marketplace software, then you make sure that your website has the following features.

User And Service Provider Dashboard

Both the user and the professional can able to register and log in easily. Also, they must have an individual dashboard to manage their services.

Service Listing

This is the important feature of the peer-to-peer marketplace software. This feature lets the provider add, remove or edit the services.

Multiple Payment Methods

The service marketplace website should offer a secure payment option. Also having multiple payment methods will allow the users to get the service using their desired payment option.

Ratings and Review

The Ratings and Review feature will be helpful for the users to make a decision among various service providers.

List of Service Marketplace Scripts Offered By Sangvish

Sangvish provides excellent on-demand service marketplace scripts for startups looking to launch their own online marketplace. They can also offer a variety of services to consumers. Here is the list of on-demand service marketplace scripts from Sangvish.

Thumbtack Clone

The Thumbtack clone script is ideal for a company looking for a peer to peer marketplace software to create a service buy and Sell website similar to Thumbtack. You can use this script to make a company website for the On-Demand Service Marketplace and gain money from the admin commission.

Taskrabbit Clone

Sangvish Taskrabbit Clone could be a great multi-vendor marketplace solution for cleaning, laundry, plumping, handyman, saloon, tailoring, car cleaning, and other similar services. This script was created with the intention of being used in a service marketplace business. It also allows entrepreneurs to put together a variety of handymen services in one place.

Handy Clone

Handy Clone is a great decision for startups looking to create an on-demand service website. The Handy Clone Script can be personalized to meet your needs. It also enables you to take your company to the next stage. With this P2P Service Marketplace Script, you can make a website that looks like Handy.

The above clone scripts are developed using PHP Laravel Framework. Also, the perfect solution for startups who want to create a service company website in a short amount of time and at a low cost. This Peer to Peer Marketplace Software also comes with mobile apps for Android and iOS. In addition, it comes with the free live demo option.