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Published on: Website Design Development Process

6 Aspects of the Website Design Development Process

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This article explains the six aspects and phases of our website design and development process one by one.

Phases of Website Design Development Process

Information Gathering

Before going to design and develop a website you need to gather information about the business. Then only developers understand the concept and create a website easily. And it helps you to achieve the business goals.


Once gathered the information next step is to plan for your website. Based on the site map its was worked like what are the main topics, sub-topics are there on that site. Here elements such as CMS like WordPress have to be used.


While entering into design first we need to roughly draw about the website. Because it may help to perfect output. In the design, part the company logo and information were more important, then only users have been strengthening the identity of your company on the web site. It will look much different than one meant for a financial institution.


Web development is the process of building a fully functional website. It includes everything from designing a website to its technicality. All the sub pages are connected to a single home page. Action and functional navigation is important in the development

Testing and Delivery

Once all the above process was over its time to test your website. How testing was performed means check the compatibility of the website. By viewing different web browsers to ensuring it has been optimized to be view properly in different browser versions. After testing let’s deliver your website to market.


Then have to maintain your website like add new content, products and etc. Update information about your website may help to bring more visitors. Here is based on how often you anticipate making changes or additions to your web site.

There are different phases in the website design development process. From the starting like information gathering to create and publish a website. Let’s see what are the steps for the website design and development process at Sangvish.